We are here to help with those hard to have teen conversations!

Having the age old sex talk with your teen daughter in the age of Netflix and Chill can send shivers down any mother's spine!  Let Naomi Says help your daughter build the bridge of confidence it takes to ease the awkwardness of talking about sex.

Naomi Says Teen Tea Chats confidentially address girls opinions, attitudes and feelings regarding sex.

We provides age appropriate information about sex in a non-judgmental way. This atmosphere allows young ladies to ask questions and get accurate information.

Topics Discussed:

Self Worth...I'm Priceless!

What is Sex, Exactly?

The Lies He Tell!

The Hookup Hoax

How To Talk To Your Mom About Sex

Drunk, Dizzy or In The Dark...No Means No!

"What if I told you the truth" Q&A Session

One Hour Conversation In A Tea Party Setting

Keep It Intimate - Private Tea Chats are 1-5 guests.

(Small Group/Organization Booking Available)